The John’s Nuts Family and The John’s Nuts Store

The John’s Nuts Corporation is a family run business which was established in Melbourne and has been running for over 20 years! From one single store, John’s Nuts has grown to become one of the most popular health food destinations around Melbourne.

The Beginning

The nutty revolution began with a man named John and his family who were passionate about owning their own business. After months of discussion and decision making, they decided to open up the very first John’s Nuts store in Footscray. This humble continental style store located in Melbourne’s North was to stock small goods, groceries and of course nuts!

The family discovered the growing interest within Australia for everything that is natural and healthy. With their John’s Nuts store plans beginning to run successfully, they decided that their focus would be to create a business which aimed to provide healthy snack foods!


The Sacrifice

Just like any successful business people, the John’s Nuts family had their ups and downs. They had big plans in mind for their very first store but were struggling to make their visions a reality. So the first of many sacrifices had to be made. The family said goodbye to their only car to create the business they had dreamed of. And so, the John’s Nuts revolution began!

The original Footscray store still exists today! It is a symbol of all the hard work and that one big sacrifice the family made after 20 years.


The Plan

The last 20 years has been a great success for the John’s Nuts family, with over 20 store locations around Melbourne. John’s Nuts has big ideas for the future, with plans to expand to over 120 stores Australia wide!

Looking for a career change? Own your own business! Share the success of the John’s Nuts family and become a franchisee. John’s Nuts stores are now available for franchising with great locations around Melbourne and Australia. The John’s Nuts family is ready to welcome qualified, motivated members into their family. Enquire here for more information.